HR Interviews
HR Interview
Both . I would like to study and apply my skills .
yes I am a team player . I can work well in groups . I have a group of classmates with whom I am working with to do a project . I am also a part of a music group and we have given performances in many colleges .
I have been a good performer in all my academic career and my extra-curricular activities. I have good communication skills and I am a good team player . I am confident of  bringing in results in whatever assignment I take up . I am sure I will be useful to your organization .
yes . I have certain long term goals and I set short term goals to achieve them .  I set goals by myself in whatever I do and I am open to discussing goals for my activities with teachers or employees .
my immediate goal is to qualify my BTECH with a minimum of 78 % aggregate and to secure a good campus placement .
7th answer . I want to be an entrepreuner after 15 years because I want to learn the game first (i.e gain experience first).
I would like to handle projects independently , and get on to a good techno-managerial position.
working in one of the middle to senior level managerial positions .
commitment to do things well . I give , or give my best shot ( effort ) in every job I do .
at times I am short tempered and react to situations too fast .