Use an anchor element. The HREF attribute specifies the URL of the document that you want to link to. The following example links the text "Web Authoring FAQ" to <URL:>:
    <A HREF="">Web Authoring FAQ</A>
    How do I create a link that opens a new window?
    <a target="_blank" href=...> opens a new, unnamed window.
    <a target="example" href=...> opens a new window named "example", provided that a window or frame by that name does not already exist.
    Note that the TARGET attribute is not part of HTML 4 Strict. In HTML 4 Strict, new windows can be created only with JavaScript. links that open new windows can be annoying to your readers if there is not a good reason for them.
    How do I let people download a file from my page?
    Once the file is uploaded to the server, you need only use an anchor reference tag to link to it. An example would be:
    <a href="../files/">Download Foo Now! (100kb ZIP)</a>