Test Status
      (A) TextWriterTraceListener
      (B) EventLogTraceListener
      (C) DefaultTraceListener
      (D) All the above
      (A) Winforms
      (B) HTMLForms
      (C) Webforms
      (A) Specifies whether to use a DSN or DSN-less connection
      (B) Specifies which type of database is being used
      (C) Specifies the type of ODBC driver to use, database format and filename
      (D) Opens the initial connection to a database
      (A) app_offline.html
      (B) app_offline.htm
      (C) appoffline.html
      (D) none of these
      (A) Web System Description Language
      (B) Web Services Detail Language
      (C) Web Service Description Language
      (D) None
      (A) Both can use as drag and drop tool
      (B) Both are same
      (C) Both can use different application
      (D) One Custom Control can be use in different project but not the same with User control
      (A) ISerializable
      (B) ISingleCall
      (C) IUnknown
      (D) IMarshalByValue
      (A) MMC Event viewers
      (B) Performance logs
      (C) Alerts Snap-ins
      (D) ALL
      (A) Call the ShowControl method on the TextBox.
      (B) Add the TextBox instance to the form1.Controls collection.
      (C) Execute the AddControl method on the Web page.
      (D) Set the VisibleControl to true on the TextBox.
      (A) < Credential>
      (B) < authentiation>
      (C) < authorization>
      (D) < identity>
      (A) Call the Show Control method on the Text Box.
      (B) Set the Visible Control to true on the Text Box.
      (C) Add the Text Box instance to the form1.Controls collection.
      (D) Execute the AddControl method on the Web page.
      (A) asp:label
      (B) asp:listitem
      (C) asp:button
      (A) Performance Counters
      (B) Data Performance Counters
      (C) Web Performance Counters
      (D) Data Readers
      (A) .Web
      (B) .ASP
      (C) .ASPX
      (D) All of the above
      (A) Syntax error such as missing parentheses, comma or quotation mark.
      (B) Comments in your code are not tagged properly as comments.
      (C) Make sure function names have both opening and closing parentheses.
      (D) All of the above
      (A) Cookies
      (B) Cache
      (C) Database
      (D) Global variable
      (A) To create and populate a Table in Design view
      (B) To create a customized control that needs to display data in a tabular fashion
      (C) To create and populate a Table with images
      (D) To display a tabular result set