Test Status
      (A) < credential>
      (B) < authorization>
      (C) < Identity>
      (D) < authentication>
      (A) Open the code-behind page and write the code.
      (B) Right-click the control and select Create Handler.
      (C) Drag an event handler from the Tool Box to the desired control.
      (D) Double-click the control.
      (A) a collection of values sent as cookies in a HTTP header
      (B) a collection of data sent with a submitted form
      (C) from client variables described from within an object
      (D) A and B
      (A) When application is running low of memory
      (B) It runs random
      (C) When application is running for more than 15 minutes
      (D) None of the above
      (A) Config files
      (B) Database
      (C) text file
      (D) session
      (A) RegSvr.exe
      (B) GacUtil.exe
      (C) GacSvr32.exe
      (D) GacMgr.exe
      (A) Application object
      (B) Session object
      (C) Response object
      (D) Server object
      (A) Separation model
      (B) Code-Behind model
      (C) In-Line model
      (D) ClientServer model
      (A) SQLLCientAttribute
      (B) SQLPermission
      (C) SQLPermissionClient
      (D) SQLClientPermission
      (A) Event-driven
      (B) Static
      (C) Linear
      (D) Topdown
      (A) ExecuteReader
      (B) ExecuteScalar
      (C) ExecuteStream
      (D) Open
      (A) Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      (B) Create("FileSystemObject")
      (C) Create Object:"Scripting.FileSystemObject"
      (D) Server.CreateObject("FileSystemObject")