Test Status
      (A) requestQueue limit
      (B) maxWorkerThreads
      (C) maxIdThreads
      (D) All
      (A) Event-driven
      (B) Static
      (C) Linear
      (D) Topdown
      (A) For Reading metadata at runtime
      (B) For knowing version of assembly
      (C) For finding path of an assembly
      (A) DataRelationship
      (B) DataRelation
      (C) DataConstraint
      (D) Datakey
      (A) Specifies whether to use a DSN or DSN-less connection
      (B) Specifies which type of database is being used
      (C) Specifies the type of driver to use, database format and filename
      (D) First opens the initial connection to a database before giving any database information
      (A) It will stop the client process
      (B) It will stop the server process
      (C) None of the above
      (A) System.Web.UI
      (B) System.Web.SessionState
      (C) System.Web
      (A) Config files
      (B) Database
      (C) text file
      (D) session
      (A) Client-side executable code(executes at the browser level)
      (B) Server side executable code (runs at the server only)
      (A) RegSvr.exe
      (B) GacUtil.exe
      (C) GacSvr32.exe
      (D) GacMgr.exe
      (A) a collection of values sent as cookies in a HTTP header
      (B) a collection of data sent with a submitted form
      (C) from client variables described from within an object
      (D) A and B
      (A) MMC Event viewers
      (B) Performance logs
      (C) Alerts Snap-ins
      (D) ALL
      (A) BeginExecute=true
      (B) MultiThreaded=true
      (C) MultipleActiveResultSets=true
      (D) Asynchronous=true
      (A) Any DLL file used by an EXE file.
      (B) An Assembly containing localized resources for another assembly
      (C) A and B
      (D) None of the above
      (A) System.Web.UI.Page
      (B) System.Web.UI.Form
      (C) System.Web.GUI.Page
      (D) System.Web.Form
      (A) Connection object
      (B) Connection string
      (C) Both A and B