Test Status
      (A) ValidationExpression
      (B) InitialValue
      (C) ControlToValidate
      (D) ControlToCompare
      (A) Request.QueryString
      (B) Request.Form
      (C) Response.write
      (D) Response.writeln
      (A) ADODB.Connection
      (B) ADODB.Recordset
      (C) ADODB.Command
      (D) All of the above
      (A) User controls are displayed correctly in the Visual Studio .NET Designer
      (B) Custom controls are displayed correctly in VS.Net Designer
      (C) User and Custom controls are displayed correctly in the Visual Studio .NET Designer.
      (A) asp:label
      (B) asp:listitem
      (C) asp:button
      (A) For Reading metadata at runtime
      (B) For knowing version of assembly
      (C) For finding path of an assembly
      (A) requestQueue limit
      (B) maxWorkerThreads
      (C) maxIdThreads
      (D) All
      (A) Page_Load()
      (B) Page_Init()
      (C) Page_click()
      (A) Concat method of the String object
      (B) Append method of the StringBuilder object
      (C) Plus sign operator to concatenate the strings
      (D) Substring method of the String object
      (A) Clears all Headers from the buffer stream
      (B) Clears all the
      section value from rendered HTML File
      (C) Clears the content of the Rendered page
      (D) None of the above
      (A) To separate different sections of a page in to different files
      (B) To merge HTML layout and code in to One file
      (C) To separate HTML Layout and code to different file
      (D) To ignore HTML usage
      (A) Active Server Protocol
      (B) ActiveX Server Pages
      (C) Active Setup Pages
      (D) Active Server Pages
      (A) DNS, DNS-less
      (B) DSN, DSN-less
      (C) ODBC, ADO
      (D) OLEDB, ADO
      (A) Event-driven
      (B) Static
      (C) Linear
      (D) TopDown
      (A) Cookies
      (B) Cache
      (C) Database
      (D) Global variable
      (A) When application is running low of memory
      (B) It runs random
      (C) When application is running for more than 15 minutes
      (D) None of the above