Test Status
      (A) LinkCounter
      (B) Counter
      (C) AdRotator
      (D) File Access
      (A) server
      (B) response
      (C) session
      (D) All of the above
      (A) ObjectDataSource
      (B) SqlDataSource
      (C) LinqDataSource
      (D) XmlDataSource
      (A) Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is interpreted seperately
      (B) Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is compiled as a DLL, the DLLs can be executed on server
      (C) Code is separated from the HTML and interpreted Code is interpreted separately
      (A) Page_Load
      (B) Event Handling
      (C) Page_Unload
      (D) Page_Init
      (A) RegularExpressionValidator
      (B) CompareValidator
      (C) equals() method
      (D) RequiredFieldValidator
      (A) HTMLForms
      (B) Webforms
      (C) Winforms
      (A) Configures the time that the server-side codebehind module is called
      (B) To store the global information and variable definitions for the application
      (C) To configure the web server
      (D) To configure the web browser
      (A) RegSvr.exe
      (B) GacUtil.exe
      (C) GacSvr32.exe
      (D) GacMgr.exe
      (A) RegSvr.exe
      (B) GacUtil.exe
      (C) GacSvr32.exe
      (D) GacMgr.exe
      (A) Connection object, RecordingSet object
      (B) Connection object, Recordset object
      (C) Connect object, RecordingSet object
      (D) Connect object, Recordset object
      (A) a collection of values sent as cookies in a HTTP header
      (B) a collection of data sent with a submitted form
      (C) from client variables described from within an object
      (D) A and B
      (A) Open the database, interact with the db, close the database
      (B) Open a connection, interact with the db, close the connection
      (A) Server
      (B) Response
      (C) Collection
      (D) Request
      (A) BeginExecute=true
      (B) MultiThreaded=true
      (C) MultipleActiveResultSets=true
      (D) Asynchronous=true