Test Status
      (A) ExecuteScalar
      (B) ExecuteStream
      (C) Open
      (D) ExecuteReader
      (A) Config files
      (B) Database
      (C) text file
      (D) session
      (A) StateServer
      (B) Session Object
      (C) InProcess
      (D) all of the above
      (A) Specifies whether to use a DSN or DSN-less connection
      (B) Specifies which type of database is being used
      (C) Specifies the type of ODBC driver to use, database format and filename
      (D) Opens the initial connection to a database
      (A) System.Web.UI.Page
      (B) System.Web.UI.Form
      (C) System.Web.GUI.Page
      (D) System.Web.Form
      (A) Winforms
      (B) HTMLForms
      (C) Webforms
      (A) Clears all Headers from the buffer stream
      (B) Clears all the
      section value from rendered HTML File
      (C) Clears the content of the Rendered page
      (D) None of the above
      (A) Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      (B) Create("FileSystemObject")
      (C) Create Object:"Scripting.FileSystemObject"
      (D) Server.CreateObject("FileSystemObject")
      (A) System.Web.UI.Webcontrol
      (B) System.Web.UI.Customcontrol
      (C) System.Web.UI.Customcontrols.Webcontrol
      (A) Cookies
      (B) Cache
      (C) Database
      (D) Global variable
      (A) employee salary
      (B) 2nd_employee
      (C) employee_hire_date
      (D) date_of.birth
      (A) RegSvr.exe
      (B) GacUtil.exe
      (C) GacSvr32.exe
      (D) GacMgr.exe
      (A) TagPrefix
      (B) Name space of the dll that is referenced
      (C) Assemblyname
      (D) All of the above