Test Status
      (A) The default constructor initializes local variables.
      (B) The default constructor invokes the constructor of the superclass.
      (C) The default constructor initializes the instance variables declared in the class.
      (D) When class has only constructor with parameter, the compiler creates a Default constructor
      (A) The program compiles and runs but does not generate any output.
      (B) The program compiles and runs generating an output of "test"
      (C) The program compiles but does not run.
      (D) The program does not compile as there is no main method defined
      (A) The member variable called size
      (B) The member variable called length
      (C) The method size() returns the number of characters.
      (D) The method length() returns the number of characters.
      (A) By invoking the free method on the object.
      (B) By calling system.gc() method.
      (C) By setting all references to the object to new values (say null).
      (D) Garbage collection cannot be forced. The programmer cannot force the JVM to free the memory used by an object.
      (A) interest = 3929.92
      (B) interest = (Float)3929.92
      (C) interest = 3929.92 (float)
      (D) interest = 3929.92f