Test Status
      (A) The program does not compile because x, y and name are not initialized.
      (B) The program throws a runtime exception as x, y, and name are used before initialization.
      (C) The program prints pnt is 0 0.
      (D) The program prints pnt is null 0 0.
      (A) methods must not have any throws clauses
      (B) methods must not have any parameters
      (C) method should return any one of primitive data types
      (D) All the above
      (A) ArrayList is a sub class of Vector
      (B) HashTable is a sub class of Dictionary
      (C) LinkedList is a subclass of ArrayList
      (D) Vector is a subclass of Stack
      (A) we can create object implementation to an interface
      (B) all type of modifiers are allowed to an interface
      (C) we instantiate an interface directly
      (D) we can mark interface as final
      (A) Reader
      (B) ObjectInputStream
      (C) ObjectReader
      (D) File
      (A) Both procedural and OOP are supported in Java.
      (B) Java supports only procedural approach towards programming.
      (C) Java supports only OOP approach.
      (D) None of the above.
      (A) Int data = (int) Math.floor(b);
      (B) Int data = (int) Math.abs(b);
      (C) Int data = (int) Math.ceil(b);
      (D) Int data = (int) Math.min(b);
      (A) protected
      (B) implements Throwable
      (C) serializable
      (D) extends Throwable