Test Status
      (A) MIN_PRIORITY (which is defined as 1 in the Thread class.)
      (B) NORM_PRIORITY (which is defined as 5 in the Thread class.)
      (C) MAX_PRIORITY (which is defined as 10 in the Thread class.)
      (D) A thread inherits the priority of its parent thread.
      (A) Reader
      (B) ObjectInputStream
      (C) ObjectReader
      (D) File
      (A) AbstractSet extends Set
      (B) LinkedList extends List
      (C) HashSet extends AbstractSet
      (D) WeakHashMap extends HashMap
      (A) throw
      (B) void
      (C) private
      (D) All of the above.
      (A) The width of double is platform dependent
      (B) 64
      (C) 128
      (D) 8