Test Status
      (A) By calling Sortdescending() method
      (B) By calling Sort() method
      (C) By calling Sort() and then Reverse() methods
      (D) By calling Sortreverse() method
      (A) Abstract
      (B) Sealed
      (C) Both
      (D) None
      (A) web.config
      (B) global.asax
      (C) webapplication.vsdisco
      (D) assemblyinfo.cs
      (A) string strPath="c:\\abc.txt";
      (B) string strPath=@"c:\abc.txt";
      (C) string strPath="c:/abc.txt";
      (D) All of these
      (A) a double type to interger
      (B) a interger type to double
      (C) a value type to a reference type
      (D) a reference type to a value type
      (A) It must be declared within a method
      (B) It represent a class object
      (C) It can be used anywhere in the program
      (D) It must accept a class
      (A) Legacy
      (B) Managed Code
      (C) Unmanaged
      (D) Native Code
      (A) Close the connection
      (B) Temporary dispose the connection
      (C) Deletes it from the memory
      (D) All of the above
      (A) HasCollision
      (B) HasErrorConflict
      (C) HasError
      (D) HasDataError
      (A) Both are Same
      (B) Convert.ToInt32 Can't Handle Null Values ,it will throws rgumentNullException error.
      (C) Int.Parse Can't Handle Null values , It will throws ArgumentNullException Error.
      (D) Both can Handle Null Values
      (A) Presentation (UI)
      (B) Business (logic and underlying code)
      (C) Database (for storing the data)
      (D) Data (from storage or other sources)
      (A) Different parameter data types
      (B) Different order of parameters
      (C) Different number of parameters
      (D) All of above