Test Status
      (A) Different parameter data types
      (B) Different order of parameters
      (C) Different number of parameters
      (D) All of above
      (A) A peripheral assembly designed to monitor permissions requests from an application.
      (B) An assembly containing localized resources for another assembly.
      (C) An assembly designed to alter the appearance or .skin. of an application.
      (D) Any DLL file used by an EXE file.
      (A) Getvalue
      (B) Getstring
      (C) GetNumber
      (D) None
      (A) Abstract
      (B) New
      (C) Shadow
      (D) Sealed
      (A) A constructor can be used to set default values and limit instantiation.
      (B) Destructors are used with classes as well as structures.
      (C) A class can have more than one destructor.
      (D) C# provides a copy constructor.
      (A) string strPath="c:\\abc.txt";
      (B) string strPath=@"c:\abc.txt";
      (C) string strPath="c:/abc.txt";
      (D) All of these
      (A) Structures do not support Inheritance
      (B) Structures are value type
      (C) Structures can not have contractor
      (D) All of the above are true
      (A) Classes within the same assembly, and classes derived from the declaring class.
      (B) Internal methods can be only be called using reflection.
      (C) Only methods that are in the same class as the method in question.
      (D) Classes that are both in the same assembly and derived from the declaring class.
      (A) It must be declared within a method
      (B) It represent a class object
      (C) It can be used anywhere in the program
      (D) It must accept a class
      (A) Declaration and initialization is separated
      (B) It is allocated at compile time
      (C) It is allocated at runtime
      (D) all of the above
      (A) System.Int8
      (B) System.Int16
      (C) System.Int32
      (D) System.Int64
      (A) Both are Same
      (B) Convert.ToInt32 Can't Handle Null Values ,it will throws rgumentNullException error.
      (C) Int.Parse Can't Handle Null values , It will throws ArgumentNullException Error.
      (D) Both can Handle Null Values
      (A) No return type for events
      (B) String
      (C) Double
      (D) Integer
      (A) It defines a class that inherits the public methods of A only.
      (B) It defines a class that inherits all the methods of A but the private members cannot be accessed.
      (C) Errors
      (D) a and b