Test Status
      (A) Integer only
      (B) Date, Integer and String
      (C) only string
      (D) Date and Integer
      (A) web.config
      (B) global.asax
      (C) webapplication.vsdisco
      (D) assemblyinfo.cs
      (A) Convert.ToString() handle null values but ToString() don't
      (B) Convert.ToString() only handle null values
      (C) ToString() handle null values but Convert.ToString() don't
      (D) ToString() output as per format supplied
      (A) Structures do not support Inheritance
      (B) Structures are value type
      (C) Structures can not have contractor
      (D) All of the above are true
      (A) Overloading
      (B) Multiplexing
      (C) Duplexing
      (D) Loading
      (A) contain the same methods as the interface
      (B) inherit the properties of the interface
      (C) create an interface object
      (D) all of the above
      (A) external protect
      (B) internal protect
      (C) protect
      (D) internal
      (A) declarative syntax of Java
      (B) properties of c#
      (C) events Of c#
      (D) A collection of files that appear to the programmer to be a single DLL or EXE.
      (A) Legacy
      (B) Managed Code
      (C) Unmanaged
      (D) Native Code
      (A) Convert converts the value, Parse is for parsing
      (B) Convert allows null values, Parse cannot
      (C) Both are same
      (D) None of these
      (A) Getvalue
      (B) Getstring
      (C) GetNumber
      (D) None
      (A) string s = #.n Test string.;
      (B) string s = @.n Test string.;
      (C) string s = ..n Test string.;
      (D) string s = .n Test string.;
      (A) TestFixtureAttribute
      (B) TestClassAttribute
      (C) TestAttribute
      (D) NUnitTestClassAttribute
      (A) We can write only one abstract method inside interface.
      (B) No method is abstract inside interface
      (C) All the methods inside Interface in an abstract method.
      (D) None of the above