Test Status
      (A) Single-Dimensional
      (B) Multidimensional
      (C) Jazzed arrays
      (D) Jagged arrays
      (A) TestFixtureAttribute
      (B) TestClassAttribute
      (C) TestAttribute
      (D) NUnitTestClassAttribute
      (A) By calling Sortdescending() method
      (B) By calling Sort() method
      (C) By calling Sort() and then Reverse() methods
      (D) By calling Sortreverse() method
      (A) Convert.ToString() handle null values but ToString() don't
      (B) Convert.ToString() only handle null values
      (C) ToString() handle null values but Convert.ToString() don't
      (D) ToString() output as per format supplied
      (A) .NET class libraries
      (B) Common Language Infrastructure
      (C) Common Language Runtime
      (D) Common Type System
      (A) DataView ia subset of row and not columns
      (B) find can be done only on sorted columns
      (C) Sorting can be done on multiple columns
      (D) None of these
      (A) No return type for events
      (B) String
      (C) Double
      (D) Integer
      (A) only one
      (B) more than one
      (C) only two
      (D) upto 10
      (A) System.Int8
      (B) System.Int16
      (C) System.Int32
      (D) System.Int64
      (A) Convert converts the value, Parse is for parsing
      (B) Convert allows null values, Parse cannot
      (C) Both are same
      (D) None of these