Test Status
      (A) using System;
      (B) using System.Collections.Generic;
      (C) using System.Windows.Forms;
      (D) All of the above are used
      (A) web.config
      (B) global.asax
      (C) webapplication.vsdisco
      (D) assemblyinfo.cs
      (A) Period (.)
      (B) Colon (:)
      (C) Semicolon (;)
      (D) Comma (,)
      (A) Convert.ToString() handle null values but ToString() don't
      (B) Convert.ToString() only handle null values
      (C) ToString() handle null values but Convert.ToString() don't
      (D) ToString() output as per format supplied
      (A) A reference to an object in a different process.
      (B) A strongly typed function pointer.
      (C) An inter-process message channel.
      (D) A light weight thread or process that can call a single method.
      (A) * (Asterisk)
      (B) # (Pound)
      (C) % (Percent)
      (D) $ (Dollar)
      (A) TestFixtureAttribute
      (B) TestClassAttribute
      (C) TestAttribute
      (D) NUnitTestClassAttribute
      (A) Sealed
      (B) Gather
      (C) Static
      (D) Constru
      (A) Single-Dimensional
      (B) Multidimensional
      (C) Jazzed arrays
      (D) Jagged arrays
      (A) System.Object
      (B) System.Base
      (C) System.Root
      (D) System.Parent