Test Status
      (A) < ol >
      (B) < ul >
      (C) < il >
      (A) pliers
      (B) height and width
      (C) bigger and smaller
      (A) The World Wide Web Consortium
      (B) Mozilla
      (C) Microsoft
      (A) C++
      (B) MS Visual Basic
      (C) HTML
      (D) Basic
      (A) Creative Style Sheets
      (B) Colorful Style Sheets
      (C) Cascading Style Sheets
      (D) Computer Style Sheets
      (A) Internet Explorer 5.5
      (B) Netscape 4.7
      (C) RealPlayer
      (D) both 1 and 2
      (A) To replace paragraphs. i.e. p tags
      (B) To provide space between tables
      (C) To logically divide the paragraphs
      (D) To logically divide the document
      (A) < start >
      (B) < l >
      (C) < a >
      (A) color:
      (B) background-color:
      (C) bgcolor:
      (A) To store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines.
      (B) To only store information about search engines
      (C) To store information about external links
      (D) To only store information usually relevant to browsers