Test Status
      (A) To replace paragraphs. i.e. p tags
      (B) To provide space between tables
      (C) To logically divide the paragraphs
      (D) To logically divide the document
      (A) style:bold
      (B) font:b
      (C) font-weight:bold
      (A) Using size attribute
      (B) Using height and width
      (A) It will be stretched
      (B) It will be repeated
      (C) It will leave a blank space at the bottom of your page
      (A) Line break
      (B) Little bubbles
      (C) Little bubbles
      (A) Paragraph break
      (B) Space
      (C) Line break
      (D) Word break
      (A) pliers
      (B) height and width
      (C) bigger and smaller
      (A) To store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines.
      (B) To only store information about search engines
      (C) To store information about external links
      (D) To only store information usually relevant to browsers
      (A) Description and Keywords
      (B) Cookies and Keywords
      (C) Description and Name
      (A) True, computer screens only understands hexadecimal values.
      (B) False, colors can also be specified with names and CSS
      (C) True for Internet Explorer, False for Netscape browsers