Test Status
      (A) < start >
      (B) < l >
      (C) < a >
      (A) color:
      (B) background-color:
      (C) bgcolor:
      (A) < table >
      (B) < tr >
      (C) < td >
      (A) True
      (B) False
      (C) Sometimes True, sometimes False
      (A) Head and body
      (B) Top and bottom
      (C) Body and frameset
      (A) The background color will be shown until the image loads
      (B) In case the image doesnt fit right
      (C) So the text shows up better
      (A) border-width:10px 1px 5px 20px
      (B) border-width:10px 20px 5px 1px
      (C) border-width:5px 20px 10px 1px
      (D) border-width:10px 5px 20px 1px
      (A) You can't do that with CSS
      (B) text-transform:uppercase
      (C) text-transform:capitalize
      (A) the document has root element.
      (B) the document contains atleast one or more root element
      (C) the XML document has DTD associated with it & it complies with that DTD
      (D) Each element must nest inside any enclosing element property
      (A) multiple linking
      (B) imagemapping
      (C) imagelinking
      (A) Description and Keywords
      (B) Cookies and Keywords
      (C) Description and Name
      (A) Discrete
      (B) Portable
      (C) Uniform
      (A) Rownum
      (B) rn
      (C) Rownumb
      (D) Rowspan
      (A) < defaultfont >
      (B) < targetfont >
      (C) < basefont >
      (A) a {underline:none}
      (B) a {text-decoration:no underline}
      (C) a {text-decoration:none}
      (D) a {decoration:no underline}