Test Status
      (A) Internet Explorer 5.5
      (B) Netscape 4.7
      (C) RealPlayer
      (D) both 1 and 2
      (A) Rownum
      (B) rn
      (C) Rownumb
      (D) Rowspan
      (A) HTML can have user defined tags, XML cannot
      (B) HTML is used for exchanging data, XML is not.
      (C) XML is used for exchanging data, HTML is not
      (D) Both b and c above
      (A) You can't do that with CSS
      (B) text-transform:uppercase
      (C) text-transform:capitalize
      (A) Creative Style Sheets
      (B) Colorful Style Sheets
      (C) Cascading Style Sheets
      (D) Computer Style Sheets
      (A) Using size attribute
      (B) Using height and width
      (A) visited link
      (B) vlink
      (C) active link
      (A) Never
      (B) Always
      (C) Unless border is set to zero
      (A) C++
      (B) MS Visual Basic
      (C) HTML
      (D) Basic
      (A) Images
      (B) Meta tags
      (C) Hexadecimal Colors
      (A) the document has root element.
      (B) the document contains atleast one or more root element
      (C) the XML document has DTD associated with it & it complies with that DTD
      (D) Each element must nest inside any enclosing element property
      (A) Increase the distance between cell and content
      (B) Increase the softness of your site
      (C) Increase the space between cells
      (A) style:bold
      (B) font:b
      (C) font-weight:bold