Test Status
      (A) The background color will be shown until the image loads
      (B) In case the image doesnt fit right
      (C) So the text shows up better
      (A) style:bold
      (B) font:b
      (C) font-weight:bold
      (A) < ol >
      (B) < ul >
      (C) < il >
      (A) The World Wide Web Consortium
      (B) Mozilla
      (C) Microsoft
      (A) In pieces as it loads
      (B) Before the border loads
      (C) After the table is loaded
      (A) Used to set space between cells
      (B) Used to separate cell walls from their contents.
      (C) Both a and b above
      (D) Used to provide width to a cell
      (A) The World Wide Web Consortium
      (B) Microsoft
      (C) Mozilla
      (A) To make the page more readable
      (B) Black and white are ugly colors
      (C) Personal choice
      (A) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
      (B) Hyper Text Markup Language
      (C) Home Tool Markup Language
      (D) Hyper Test Markup Language
      (A) Creative Style Sheets
      (B) Colorful Style Sheets
      (C) Cascading Style Sheets
      (D) Computer Style Sheets
      (A) To store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines.
      (B) To only store information about search engines
      (C) To store information about external links
      (D) To only store information usually relevant to browsers
      (A) animated effects
      (B) outlines
      (C) images
      (A) Aligning text
      (B) Audio-voiced text
      (C) Adding links to your page