Test Status
      (A) Line break
      (B) Little bubbles
      (C) Little bubbles
      (A) It will be stretched
      (B) It will be repeated
      (C) It will leave a blank space at the bottom of your page
      (A) < ol >
      (B) < ul >
      (C) < il >
      (A) well-formed
      (B) validating
      (C) non-validating
      (D) Both 2 & 3
      (A) Who designed the page
      (B) Which program was used to produce the page
      (C) What type of server your page is on
      (A) visited link
      (B) vlink
      (C) active link
      (A) are copied into output "as is", i.e. "CR+LF" for Windows, CR for Macintosh, LF for Unix.
      (B) are converted to single LF symbol
      (C) are converted to single CR symbol
      (D) are discardedb
      (A) the document has root element.
      (B) the document contains atleast one or more root element
      (C) the XML document has DTD associated with it & it complies with that DTD
      (D) Each element must nest inside any enclosing element property
      (A) it contains a root element.
      (B) it contain an element.
      (C) it contains one or more elements.
      (D) must contain one or more elements and root element must contain all other elements.
      (A) Graphical
      (B) Work and academic experience
      (C) Private personal information
      (D) Links to sites of interest
      (A) Using size attribute
      (B) Using height and width
      (A) Rownum
      (B) rn
      (C) Rownumb
      (D) Rowspan
      (A) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
      (B) Hyper Text Markup Language
      (C) Home Tool Markup Language
      (A) well-formed
      (B) well-documented
      (C) non-validating and validating
      (D) none of the above
      (A) In case the user wishes to load a different picture
      (B) So the users can get an idea of what the image is before it loads
      (C) So the user can save the image using the text as a name