Test Status
      (A) Increase the distance between cell and content
      (B) Increase the softness of your site
      (C) Increase the space between cells
      (A) animated effects
      (B) outlines
      (C) images
      (A) html
      (B) xhtml
      (C) xml
      (A) < h6 >
      (B) < head >
      (C) < heading >
      (D) < h1 >
      (A) list-type: square
      (B) type: 2
      (C) list-style-type: square
      (D) type: square
      (A) It specifies formatting and layout instructions for your web page.
      (B) It hides programming instructions from view.
      (C) It determines the organizational structure of your Web site.
      (D) It connects your web site to an operating environment.
      (A) In pieces as it loads
      (B) Before the border loads
      (C) After the table is loaded
      (A) Yes
      (B) No
      (C) Somtimes
      (D) Cant say
      (A) Aligning text
      (B) Audio-voiced text
      (C) Adding links to your page
      (A) EXtensible HyperText Marking Language
      (B) EXtensible HyperText Markup Language
      (C) EXtra Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
      (D) EXtreme HyperText Markup Language
      (A) Green, Blue, and Yellow
      (B) Crayola Colors
      (C) Red, Green and Blue
      (A) All text above the fold of your page
      (B) The first few words on the page
      (C) Nothing
      (A) Paragraph break
      (B) Space
      (C) Line break
      (D) Word break