Test Status
      (A) < defaultfont >
      (B) < targetfont >
      (C) < basefont >
      (A) Discrete
      (B) Portable
      (C) Uniform
      (A) border-width:10px 1px 5px 20px
      (B) border-width:10px 20px 5px 1px
      (C) border-width:5px 20px 10px 1px
      (D) border-width:10px 5px 20px 1px
      (A) Never
      (B) Always
      (C) Unless border is set to zero
      (A) eXtra Modern Link
      (B) eXtensible Markup Language
      (C) Example Markup Language
      (D) X-Markup Language
      (A) ' this is a comment
      (B) /* this is a comment */
      (C) // this is a comment
      (D) // this is a comment //
      (A) Paragrah
      (B) Heading
      (C) Title
      (D) All of above
      (A) Line break
      (B) Little bubbles
      (C) Little bubbles
      (A) < table >
      (B) < tr >
      (C) < td >
      (A) Head and body
      (B) Top and bottom
      (C) Body and frameset
      (A) < P >
      (B) < PARAGRAPH >
      (C) < BR >
      (A) What You See Is What You Get
      (B) What You See Is What You Gain
      (C) When You Start Is When You Go
      (A) pliers
      (B) height and width
      (C) bigger and smaller
      (A) It specifies formatting and layout instructions for your web page.
      (B) It hides programming instructions from view.
      (C) It determines the organizational structure of your Web site.
      (D) It connects your web site to an operating environment.
      (A) All the statements are true
      (B) All XML documents must have a DTD
      (C) All XML elements must have a closing tag
      (A) text-indent:
      (B) margin:
      (C) margin-left:
      (D) indent: