Test Status
      (A) click()
      (B) error()
      (C) event.pageX
      (D) click.error()
      (A) Content Distribution Network
      (B) Common Distribution Network
      (C) Collective Distribution Network
      (D) None of these
      (A) The first div element
      (B) All div elements
      (A) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion">
      (B) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion">
      (C) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion">JavaScript statements</SCRIPT>
      (D) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion"!> JavaScript statements</SCRIPT>
      (A) for...in loops
      (B) Object.keys()
      (C) Object.getOwnPropertyNames()
      (D) All of the above
      (A) navigator.appCodeName
      (B) navigator.appName
      (C) navigator.appVersion
      (D) None of the above
      (A) LimeScript
      (B) Coffee Script
      (C) ECMScript
      (D) ECMAScript
      (A) if (conditional expression is true) then execute this code end if
      (B) if (conditional expression is true)execute this code end if
      (C) if (conditional expression is true) {then execute this code>->}
      (D) if (conditional expression is true) then {execute this code}
      (A) Microsoft
      (B) Navigator
      (C) LiveWire
      (D) Native
      (A) Enclose text to be displayed by non-JavaScript browsers.
      (B) Prevents scripts on the page from executing.
      (C) Describes certain low-budget moves.
      (D) None of the above
      (A) $("div").height="100"
      (B) $("div").height(100)
      (C) $("div").yPos(100)
      (A) named function
      (B) anonymous function
      (C) Both of the above.
      (D) None of the above.
      (A) All div elements with a p element
      (B) All p elements inside a div element
      (C) The first p element inside a div element
      (A) C#
      (B) C++
      (C) JavaScript
      (D) VBScript
      (A) Microsoft
      (B) Navigator
      (C) LiveWire
      (D) Native