Test Status
      (A) Dough
      (B) Session
      (C) Dazzler
      (D) None of these
      (A) FileUpLoad
      (B) Function
      (C) File
      (D) Date
      (A) LimeScript
      (B) Coffee Script
      (C) ECMScript
      (D) ECMAScript
      (A) do while
      (B) for
      (C) for each
      (D) None of these
      (A) The number of milliseconds since January 1st, 1970
      (B) The number of days since January 1st, 1900
      (C) The number of seconds since Netscape's public stock offering.
      (D) None of the above
      (A) $("div").height="100"
      (B) $("div").height(100)
      (C) $("div").yPos(100)
      (A) var obj = {};
      (B) var obj = new Object();
      (C) var obj = Object.create()
      (D) All of the above
      (A) 2names
      (B) _first_and_last_names
      (C) FirstAndLast
      (D) None of the above
      (A) .hover()
      (B) stopPropagation()
      (C) .toggle()
      (D) .trigger()
      (A) detach()
      (B) remove()
      (C) Both methods can be used
      (D) None of the above
      (A) The Each function allows you to loop though every element in a parent element.
      (B) The Each function allows you to put the word "Each" into each element
      (C) The Each function allows you to loop through different elements with a class or ID.
      (D) None of the above.