Test Status
      (A) PERL and C
      (B) Java script
      (C) VB Script
      (D) Visual Basic
      (A) modulus
      (B) percentage
      (C) bitwise
      (D) division
      (A) display content of the all drives
      (B) display a folder content
      (C) display all folder names
      (D) Parse error
      (A) The interpreter outputs a type mismatch error
      (B) The string is converted to a number and added to the integer
      (C) The string is discarded and the integer is preserved
      (D) The integer and string are concatenated together in a new string
      (A) shows the IP address of the webserver
      (B) shows the IP address of the local system
      (C) shows the IP address of the visitor
      (D) None of the above
      (A) PHP makes a website dynamic.
      (B) PHP can be used to develop web applications.
      (C) PHP applications can not be compiled.
      (D) PHP can not be embedded into html.
      (A) delimited by single quote
      (B) delimited by double quote
      (C) delimited by <<< identifier
      (D) All of above
      (A) echo ucwords($word.)
      (B) echo ucfirst($word).
      (C) echo ucwords(strtolower($word).
      (D) echo ucfirst(strtolower($word).
      (A) $s1 + $s2
      (B) "{$s1}{$s2}"
      (C) $s1.$s2
      (D) implode(' ', array($s1,$s2))