Test Status
      (A) \d{3}\|\d{8}
      (B) [a-z][a-z][a-z]\|\w{9}
      (C) [az]{3}\|[az]{9}
      (D) .*
      (A) Uploaded file size is 0
      (B) Uplaod is not successful, error occurred
      (C) The file uploaded with success
      (D) File upload progress is 0% completed
      (A) Local variables
      (B) Function parameters
      (C) Hidden variables
      (D) Global variables
      (A) floats
      (B) integer
      (C) doubles
      (D) Real number
      (A) 4.5678
      (B) 4.0
      (C) 7e4
      (D) All of above
      (A) reinclude ()
      (B) require ()
      (C) both of above
      (D) None of above
      (A) Random_array()
      (B) array_random()
      (C) Rand_array()
      (D) array_rand()
      (A) len($variable)
      (B) count($variable)
      (C) strcount($variable)
      (D) strlen($variable)