Test Status
      (A) Because the included code will be embedded in a PHP execution block, the PHP execution block, the PHP escape tags ( aren't required on the file to be includeD.
      (B) Any code found within an included file will inherit the variable scope of the location of its caller
      (C) For the inclusion of remote files the allow-url-pope must be enabled ad URL wrapper must be supported
      (D) Including a file produces the same result as copying the data from the file specified into the location in which the statement appears.
      (A) Shell syntax - #
      (B) Multiline Comment /* ------------- */
      (C) Both of above
      (D) None of above
      (A) session_destroy
      (B) session_decode
      (C) session_id
      (D) session_pw
      (A) delimited by single quote
      (B) delimited by double quote
      (C) delimited by <<< identifier
      (D) All of above
      (A) Uploaded file size is 0
      (B) Uplaod is not successful, error occurred
      (C) The file uploaded with success
      (D) File upload progress is 0% completed
      (A) May 19, 2009, 2:45 pm
      (B) may 19,09,2:45:32 PM
      (C) May 19,2009,14:45:32 pm
      (D) May 19,2009,14:45:32 PM
      (A) $value1= $value?
      (B) $value1= # $value?
      (C) $value1= & $value?
      (D) None
      (A) display content of the all drives
      (B) display a folder content
      (C) display all folder names
      (D) Parse error
      (A) $_GET[];
      (B) Request.Form;
      (C) Request.QueryString;
      (D) $_POST[];
      (A) Array
      (B) Objects
      (C) Both
      (D) None
      (A) Print out a message asking your user to "telnet" in to the server and copy the file for you
      (B) Open the input and output files, and use read() and write() to copy the data block by block until read() returns a zero
      (C) Use the built in copy() function
      (D) Use "exec" to run an operating system command such as cp (Unix, Linux) or copy (Windows)
      (A) The message
      (B) The header
      (C) The recipient
      (D) The subject