Test Status
      (A) Larry Wall
      (B) Guido Van Rossum
      (C) Rasmus Lerdorf
      (D) James Gosling
      (A) substr($email, strpos($email, "@"));
      (B) strstr($email, "@");
      (C) strchr($email, "@");
      (D) substr($email, strpos($email, "@")+1);
      (A) The interpreter outputs a type mismatch error
      (B) The string is converted to a number and added to the integer
      (C) The string is discarded and the integer is preserved
      (D) The integer and string are concatenated together in a new string
      (A) delimited by single quote
      (B) delimited by double quote
      (C) delimited by <<< identifier
      (D) All of above
      (A) len($variable)
      (B) count($variable)
      (C) strcount($variable)
      (D) strlen($variable)
      (A) Using the strpos function
      (B) Using the == operator
      (C) Using strcasecmp()
      (D) Using strcmp()
      (A) $s1 + $s2
      (B) "{$s1}{$s2}"
      (C) $s1.$s2
      (D) implode(' ', array($s1,$s2))
      (A) Integer
      (B) Float
      (C) String
      (D) Booleans
      (A) client side script language
      (B) server side script language
      (C) event-driven language