Test Status
      (A) Single type variable
      (B) Multitype variables
      (C) Double type variables
      (D) Trible type variables
      (A) display content of the all drives
      (B) display a folder content
      (C) display all folder names
      (D) Parse error
      (A) a fatal error, and the script will stop
      (B) a warning, but the script will continue execution
      (C) None of the above
      (A) modulus
      (B) percentage
      (C) bitwise
      (D) division
      (A) include ()
      (B) require ()
      (C) both of above
      (D) None of above
      (A) Uploaded file size is 0
      (B) Uplaod is not successful, error occurred
      (C) The file uploaded with success
      (D) File upload progress is 0% completed
      (A) Local variables
      (B) Function parameters
      (C) Global variables
      (D) Hidden variables
      (A) Linux And Mysql Php
      (B) Linux Apache Mysql Php
      (A) PERL and C
      (B) Java script
      (C) VB Script
      (D) Visual Basic
      (A) is include() produced a Fatal Error while require results in a Warning
      (B) both are same in every aspects
      (C) are different how they handle failure
      (D) None of above
      (A) allow_url_fopen
      (B) allow_remote_files
      (C) both of above
      (D) none of above
      (A) echo ucwords($word.)
      (B) echo ucfirst($word).
      (C) echo ucwords(strtolower($word).
      (D) echo ucfirst(strtolower($word).