Test Status
      (A) Print out a message asking your user to "telnet" in to the server and copy the file for you
      (B) Open the input and output files, and use read() and write() to copy the data block by block until read() returns a zero
      (C) Use the built in copy() function
      (D) Use "exec" to run an operating system command such as cp (Unix, Linux) or copy (Windows)
      (A) Larry Wall
      (B) Guido Van Rossum
      (C) Rasmus Lerdorf
      (D) James Gosling
      (A) client side script language
      (B) server side script language
      (C) event-driven language
      (A) May 19, 2009, 2:45 pm
      (B) may 19,09,2:45:32 PM
      (C) May 19,2009,14:45:32 pm
      (D) May 19,2009,14:45:32 PM
      (A) $nic
      (B) $number-in-class
      (C) $NumberInClass
      (D) $number_in_class
      (A) len($variable)
      (B) count($variable)
      (C) strcount($variable)
      (D) strlen($variable)
      (A) Linux And Mysql Php
      (B) Linux Apache Mysql Php
      (A) include()
      (B) require()
      (C) both of above
      (D) None of above
      (A) modulus
      (B) percentage
      (C) bitwise
      (D) division
      (A) Using the strpos function
      (B) Using the == operator
      (C) Using strcasecmp()
      (D) Using strcmp()
      (A) is include() produced a Fatal Error while require results in a Warning
      (B) both are same in every aspects
      (C) are different how they handle failure
      (D) None of above
      (A) floats
      (B) integer
      (C) doubles
      (D) Real number
      (A) Linux And Mysql Php
      (B) Linux Apache Mysql Php