Test Status
      (A) Only in framesets
      (B) Yes
      (C) No
      (D) null
      (A) In case the user wishes to load a different picture
      (B) So the users can get an idea of what the image is before it loads
      (C) So the user can save the image using the text as a name
      (A) The background color will be shown until the image loads
      (B) In case the image doesnt fit right
      (C) So the text shows up better
      (A) True
      (B) False
      (C) Sometimes True, sometimes False
      (A) multiple linking
      (B) imagemapping
      (C) imagelinking
      (A) < P >
      (B) < PARAGRAPH >
      (C) < BR >
      (A) Description and Keywords
      (B) Cookies and Keywords
      (C) Description and Name
      (A) Head and body
      (B) Top and bottom
      (C) Body and frameset
      (A) Inline
      (B) Italic
      (C) Bold
      (A) To make the page more readable
      (B) Black and white are ugly colors
      (C) Personal choice