Test Status
      (A) rewrite url
      (B) Redirect to a new domain
      (C) Refresh your content
      (D) null
      (A) all.h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}
      (B) h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}
      (C) h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF}
      (A) fgcolor:
      (B) color:
      (C) text-color:
      (D) text-color=
      (A) Aligning text
      (B) Audio-voiced text
      (C) Adding links to your page
      (A) textarea tag
      (B) textml tag
      (C) text tag
      (D) Both b and c above
      (A) Who designed the page
      (B) Which program was used to produce the page
      (C) What type of server your page is on
      (A) text-size
      (B) text-style
      (C) font-size
      (D) font-style
      (A) a {underline:none}
      (B) a {text-decoration:no underline}
      (C) a {text-decoration:none}
      (D) a {decoration:no underline}
      (A) Refresh your keywords
      (B) Redirect to a new domain
      (C) Allow search engines to relist your page
      (A) You can't do that with CSS
      (B) text-transform:uppercase
      (C) text-transform:capitalize
      (A) To replace paragraphs. i.e. p tags
      (B) To provide space between tables
      (C) To logically divide the paragraphs
      (D) To logically divide the document
      (A) Green, Blue, and Yellow
      (B) Crayola Colors
      (C) Red, Green and Blue