Test Status
      (A) It will be stretched
      (B) It will be repeated
      (C) It will leave a blank space at the bottom of your page
      (A) < br />
      (B) < br >
      (C) < break />
      (A) < dl >
      (B) < ol >
      (C) < ul >
      (D) < list >
      (A) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
      (B) Hyper Text Markup Language
      (C) Home Tool Markup Language
      (A) Do not use colors
      (B) Limit their use
      (C) Splash them all over
      (A) In pieces as it loads
      (B) Before the border loads
      (C) After the table is loaded
      (A) animated effects
      (B) outlines
      (C) images
      (A) What You See Is What You Get
      (B) What You See Is What You Gain
      (C) When You Start Is When You Go