Test Status
      (A) $s1 + $s2
      (B) "{$s1}{$s2}"
      (C) $s1.$s2
      (D) implode(' ', array($s1,$s2))
      (A) substr($email, strpos($email, "@"));
      (B) strstr($email, "@");
      (C) strchr($email, "@");
      (D) substr($email, strpos($email, "@")+1);
      (A) Using the strpos function
      (B) Using the == operator
      (C) Using strcasecmp()
      (D) Using strcmp()
      (A) \d{3}\|\d{8}
      (B) [a-z][a-z][a-z]\|\w{9}
      (C) [az]{3}\|[az]{9}
      (D) .*
      (A) The interpreter outputs a type mismatch error
      (B) The string is converted to a number and added to the integer
      (C) The string is discarded and the integer is preserved
      (D) The integer and string are concatenated together in a new string
      (A) play it again
      (B) I
      (C) both (A) and (B)
      (D) 123
      (A) 9001 and 12-4321\
      (B) 90001 and 90002-4323
      (A) $_GET[];
      (B) Request.Form;
      (C) Request.Query String;
      (D) .$_POST[];
      (A) out a message asking your user to "telnet" in to the server and copy the file for you
      (B) Open the input and output files, and use read() and write() to copy the data block by block until read() returns a zero
      (C) Use the built in copy() function
      (D) Use "exec" to run an operating system command such as cp (Unix, Linux) or copy (Windows)
      (A) $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
      (A) Linux And Mysql Php
      (B) Linux Apache Mysql Php
      (A) array_random()
      (B) Rand_array()
      (C) array_rand()
      (D) Random_array()