Test Status
      (A) Error messages and warnings are displayed, even if error reporting is disabled.
      (B) The system administrator will be notified if an error occurs.
      (C) Error messages and warnings are written to the system log file.
      (D) Error messages and warnings are not displayed, regardless of the error reporting setting.
      (A) .php
      (B) .phpRobert
      (C) .php3
      (D) .phtml
      (A) nothing
      (B) its a compiler error, the code won't run
      (D) programming skills!
      (A) array_slice($myArray, 2, 1);
      (B) array_splice($myArray, 20, 10);
      (C) array_slice($myArray, 1, 2);
      (D) array_slice($myArray, 10, 20);
      (A) None
      (B) undef
      (C) There is no such concept in PHP
      (D) null
      (A) improved MySQL support
      (B) Built-in native support for SQLite.
      (C) Both a and b.
      (D) Support for inheritance.
      (A) Using header() function
      (B) Using fdf_set_submit_form_action() function.
      (C) Using JavaScript.
      (D) Both a and c above.
      (A) const
      (B) #pragma
      (C) constant
      (D) define
      (A) 30 secs
      (B) 40 secs
      (C) 25 secs
      (D) 35 secs
      (A) Each try block or "throw" must have at least one corresponding catch block
      (B) Exceptions cannot be thrown (or re-thrown) in a catch block within a try block
      (C) Multiple catch blocks can be used to catch different classes of exceptions
      (D) Both a and c above
      (A) Using sizeof()
      (B) Using count()
      (C) Both a and b above.
      (D) Writing a user defined function and using array_search()
      (A) sohan likes, Shopping, Eatting, and Movies.
      (B) sohan likes, Shopping, Movies, and Eatting.
      (C) sohan likes, Eatting, Shopping, and Movies.
      (D) sohan likes, Movies, Shopping, and Eatting.