C Interviews
C Interview
Yes such structures are called self-referential structures.
Syntax Error ? These involves validation of syntax of language. ? compiler prints diagnostic message. Logical Error ? logical error are caused by an incorrect algorithm or by a statement mistyped in such a way that it doesn?t violet syntax of language. ? difficult to find
A stream is a source of data or destination of data that may be associated with a disk or other I/O device. The source stream provides data to a program and it is known as input stream. The destination stream eceives the output from the program and is known as output stream.
The action of connecting a program to a file is called opening of a file. This requires creating an I/O stream before reading or writing the data.
The pointer to a FILE data type is called as a stream pointer or a file pointer. A file pointer points to the block of information of the stream that had just been opened.
Efficient use of memory. Easier to exchange the strings by moving their pointers while sorting.
? adding ,multiplying and dividing two pointers. ? Shifting or masking pointer. ? Addition of float or double to pointer Assignment of a pointer of one type to a pointer of another type
? In C one can write programs like that of high level languages as in COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN etc. as well as it permits very close interaction with the inner workings of the computer. ? It is a general purpose programming language. It is usually called system programming language but equally suited to writing a variety of applications. ? It supports various data types ? It follows the programming style based on fundamental control flow constructions for structured programming ? Functions may be pre?defined or user defined and they may return values of basic types, structures, unions or pointers.
? Easy to write ? Rich set of operators and functions that are built?in ? Support for bit?wise operation ? Flexible use of pointers ? Direct control over the hardware ? Ability to access BIOS/DOS routines ? Interacting using Interrupts ? Ability to write TSR programs ? Ability to create .COM files ? Ability to create library files (.LIB) ? Ability to write interface programs ? Incorporating assembly language in C program
? C is considered difficult to learn ? Because of its conciseness, the code can be difficult to follow ? It is not suited to applications that require a lot of report formatting and data file manipulation