HR Interviews
HR Interview
I want to be an outright professional with technical and managerial expertise required to manage and lead a company .

not actually , but I have done in plant-training for a duration of 4 days in Nagarjuna steels ( Hyderabad ) . I had learnt the various processes, right from buying the raw material to producing the final product .  I had practically seen the application of electric motors in the production of the finished product which is sheet metal .
I am looking for a position which gives me an ample opportunity to learn and also to demonstrate my skills . my job should provide good career growth possibilities .
this career was in my mind right since I joined engineering .
possible question:- then why dint u choose IT as your major ?
Answer:- I did not choose IT as my major because it can give me only programming skills  , but by developing domain expertise I can develop application skills which are more important .
I want to be an outright professional with technical and managerial expertise required to lead and manage a company . I want to use my knowledge to develop applications which are useful to the industry and the society. In a time frame of 15 to 20 years from now, I would like to lead and manage a company of respectable size .    Apart from this I also want to learn various forms of music all over the world and be one of the leading music directors .
by demonstrating commitment and innovation in the work I do , and learning new things and techniques through formal and informal education .
RELATIVE PERFORMANCE ! and comparing myself with the best in class (i.e my category ).
handwork , commitment , and creativity , and building relationships with my colleagues , subordinates and seniors in the organization and by motivation .
 my satisfaction comes from my good performance. Give same example as question 10 .
I am happy as I am . I want to become somebody in life.