Test Status
      (A) PERL and C
      (B) Java script
      (C) VB Script
      (D) Visual Basic
      (A) Larry Wall
      (B) Rasmus Lerdorf
      (C) James Gosling
      (D) Guido Van Rossum
      (A) database name
      (B) database host
      (C) user ID
      (D) password
      (A) Declare cookie variables
      (B) Store data in cookie variable
      (C) Enable or disable cookie support
      (D) All of above
      (A) require()
      (B) include()
      (C) both of above
      (D) None of above
      (A) delimited by single quote
      (B) delimited by double quote
      (C) delimited by <<< identifier
      (D) All of above
      (A) Slower
      (B) Faster
      (C) The execution speed is similar
      (D) All of above
      (A) The interpreter outputs a type mismatch error
      (B) The string is converted to a number and added to the integer
      (C) The string is discarded and the integer is preserved
      (D) The integer and string are concatenated together in a new string
      (A) Using the strpos function
      (B) Using the == operator
      (C) Using strcasecmp()
      (D) Using strcmp()
      (A) Larry Wall
      (B) Guido Van Rossum
      (C) Rasmus Lerdorf
      (D) James Gosling
      (A) Linux And Mysql Php
      (B) Linux Apache Mysql Php
      (A) incr count;
      (B) $count++;
      (C) $count =+1
      (D) incr $count;