Test Status
      (A) The default char data type is a space( ‚?? ‚?? ) character.
      (B) The default integer data type is ‚??long‚?? and real data type is ‚??float‚??
      (C) The default integer data type is ‚??int‚?? and real data type is ‚??double‚??
      (D) The default integer data type is ‚??int‚?? and real data type is ‚??float‚??
      (A) The program compiles and runs but does not generate any output.
      (B) The program compiles and runs generating an output of "test"
      (C) The program compiles but does not run.
      (D) The program does not compile as there is no main method defined
      (A) Arrays in Java are essentially objects.
      (B) It is not possible to assign one array to another. Individual elements of array can however be assigned
      (C) Array elements are indexed from 1 to size of array.
      (D) If a method tries to access an array element beyond its range, a compile warning is generated.
      (A) Java provides two operators to do left shift - << and <<<.
      (B) >> is the zero fill right shift operator.
      (C) >>> is the signed right shift operator.
      (D) For positive numbers, results of operators >> and >>> are same.
      (A) package payroll;package admindept;
      (B) package payroll.admindept.Sample;
      (C) package payroll.admindept;
      (D) import payroll.admindept.*
      (A) public void main();
      (B) public static void main(String args[]);
      (C) static public void main(String);
      (D) public static int main(String args[]);
      (A) array[array.length]
      (B) array[array.length - 1]
      (C) array[array.length() - 1]
      (D) array[array.length()]
      (A) protected
      (B) implements Throwable
      (C) serializable
      (D) extends Throwable
      (A) Each Java file must have exactly one package statement to specify where the class is stored.
      (B) If a Java file has both import and package statement, the import statement must come before package statement.
      (C) A Java file has at least one class defined.
      (D) If a Java file has a package statement, it must be the first statement (except comments).