Test Status
      (A) ArrayList is a sub class of Vector
      (B) HashTable is a sub class of Dictionary
      (C) LinkedList is a subclass of ArrayList
      (D) Vector is a subclass of Stack
      (A) AbstractSet extends Set
      (B) LinkedList extends List
      (C) HashSet extends AbstractSet
      (D) WeakHashMap extends HashMap
      (A) Reader
      (B) ObjectInputStream
      (C) ObjectReader
      (D) File
      (A) final
      (B) static
      (C) we cant prevent
      (D) by default it provides
      (A) we can create object implementation to an interface
      (B) all type of modifiers are allowed to an interface
      (C) we instantiate an interface directly
      (D) we can mark interface as final
      (A) methods must not have any throws clauses
      (B) methods must not have any parameters
      (C) method should return any one of primitive data types
      (D) All the above
      (A) To check whether the subclass method is overrides from the superclass or not
      (B) To say to the compiler not to execute this override method.
      (C) To say to compiler that this method is deprecated
      (D) None of the above
      (A) to remove the lock on the thread
      (B) when there is a single thread
      (C) to make a thread in sleep mode
      (D) when we want to prevent any other multiple thread to act an same object
      (A) To suppress exception issued by compiler
      (B) To show warnings
      (C) To show exceptions
      (D) To suppress exception issued by compiler
      (A) The object still under lock in both the cases
      (B) sleep() the lock is removed ,wait() still under lock
      (C) sleep() still under lock ,wait() the lock is removed
      (D) Sleep() and wait(),for both the method lock is removed
      (A) If programmer want to use several threads then he have to use StringBuffer
      (B) StringBuffer Class is synchronized and StringBuilder is not synchronized
      (C) String class is immutable, StringBuffer and StringBuilder are mutable
      (D) All the above