Test Status
      (A) web.config
      (B) global.asax
      (C) webapplication.vsdisco
      (D) assemblyinfo.cs
      (A) using System;
      (B) using System.Collections.Generic;
      (C) using System.Windows.Forms;
      (D) All of the above are used
      (A) contain the same methods as the interface
      (B) inherit the properties of the interface
      (C) create an interface object
      (D) all of the above
      (A) Abstract
      (B) New
      (C) Shadow
      (D) Sealed
      (A) .NET class libraries
      (B) Common Language Infrastructure
      (C) Common Language Runtime
      (D) Common Type System
      (A) * (Asterisk)
      (B) # (Pound)
      (C) % (Percent)
      (D) $ (Dollar)
      (A) external protect
      (B) internal protect
      (C) protect
      (D) internal
      (A) It defines a class that inherits the public methods of A only.
      (B) It defines a class that inherits all the methods of A but the private members cannot be accessed.
      (C) Errors
      (D) a and b
      (A) Abstract
      (B) Sealed
      (C) Both
      (D) None
      (A) DataView ia subset of row and not columns
      (B) find can be done only on sorted columns
      (C) Sorting can be done on multiple columns
      (D) None of these
      (A) The nestedif statement
      (B) The #endif statement
      (C) The switch case statement
      (D) None of these
      (A) Single-Dimensional
      (B) Multidimensional
      (C) Jazzed arrays
      (D) Jagged arrays
      (A) string strPath="c:\\abc.txt";
      (B) string strPath=@"c:\abc.txt";
      (C) string strPath="c:/abc.txt";
      (D) All of these