Test Status
      (A) Connection
      (B) Statement
      (C) DriverManager
      (D) ResultSet
      (A) DriverManager
      (B) Blob
      (C) Clob
      (D) ResultSetMetaData
      (A) ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY
      (A) ResultSet
      (B) Statement
      (C) PreparedStatement
      (D) Connection
      (A) Established the connection with database
      (B) Load the class
      (C) Register a driver
      (D) none of these
      (A) com.mysql.jdbc.driver.Driver
      (B) com.jdbc.mysql.Driver
      (C) com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
      (D) none of these
      (A) Statement
      (B) PreparedStatement
      (C) CallableStatement
      (D) all of above
      (A) CallableStatement
      (B) Statement
      (C) PreparedStatement
      (D) none of these
      (A) getDatabaseServerDetials();
      (B) getDatabaseProductName();
      (C) getDatabaseProductDetils();
      (D) getDatabaseDetails();
      (A) Register a Driver
      (B) Load a Driver
      (C) Connect a driver using get connection
      (D) none of these
      (A) In side server memory
      (B) In side cache
      (C) In side database
      (D) In side browser
      (A) Column Header
      (B) First Record
      (C) Last Record
      (D) Middle Record
      (A) Database managed connection pool
      (B) Server managed connection pool
      (C) both are correct
      (D) both are incorrect
      (A) PreparedStatement
      (B) Statement
      (C) none of these
      (D) both a and b
      (A) Type-1 driver
      (B) Type-2 driver
      (C) Type-3 driver
      (D) Type-4 driver
      (A) Statement stmt = connection.createStatements();
      (B) Statement stmt = connection.preparedStatement();
      (C) Statement stmt = connection.createStatement();
      (D) none of these