Test Status
      (A) Server Side Programming
      (B) Client Side Programming
      (C) Both
      (D) None of These
      (A) It will not flag any compile-time or runtime errors and will not print anything to the output.
      (B) It will print "The value of aNum is 5" to the output.
      (C) It will flag a compile-time error because of an incorrect declaration.
      (D) It will throw a runtime exception while executing the expression.
      (A) jspInit()
      (B) _jspService()
      (C) _jspService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse)
      (D) jspDestroy()
      (A) javax.servlet.jsp.JSPException and java.io.IOException
      (B) javax.servlet.jsp.JSPException
      (C) javax.servlet.ServletException and javax.servlet.jsp.JSPException
      (D) javax.servlet.ServletException and java.io.IOException
      (A) a valid, b,c,and d are invalid
      (B) a invalid, b,c adn d are valid
      (C) all valid
      (D) all invalid
      (A) The sum of x and y is 11
      (B) The sum of x and y is 6
      (C) The sum of x and y is 9
      (D) The sum of x and y is 3
      (A) 7
      (B) 8
      (C) 9
      (D) None of These.
      (A) Authorization
      (B) Authentication
      (C) Confidentiality
      (D) Secrecy
      (A) request.authenticate(response)
      (B) request.getAttributes("email")
      (C) request.getCookies()
      (D) None of These
      (A) Compilation error
      (B) Runtime error
      (C) The value is
      (D) The value is null