Java Interviews
Java Interview
String objects are constants. StringBuffer objects are not.
A private variable may only be accessed within the class in which it is declared.
An object's lock is a mechanism that is used by multiple threads to obtain synchronized access to the object. A thread may execute a synchronized method of an object only after it has acquired the object's lock. All objects and classes have locks. A class's lock is acquired on the class's Class object.
The Dictionary class provides the capability to store key-value pairs.
The elements of a BorderLayout are organized at the borders (North, South, East, and West) and the center of a container.
It is referred to as the modulo or remainder operator. It returns the remainder of dividing the first operand by the second operand
An object reference be cast to an interface reference when the object implements the referenced interface.
The Frame class extends Window to define a main application window that can have a menu bar.
The Object class is extended by all other classes.
A reachable object cannot be garbage collected. Only unreachable objects may be garbage collected..