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Php Interview
External Style SheetsAdvantagesCan control styles for multiple documents at once. Classes can becreated for use on multiple HTML element types in many documents.Selector and grouping methods can be used to apply styles under complexcontextsDisadvantagesAn extra download is required to import style information for eachdocument The rendering of the document may be delayed until the externalstyle sheet is loaded Becomes slightly unwieldy for small quantities ofstyle definitionsEmbedded Style SheetsAdvantagesClasses can be created for use on multiple tag types in the document.Selector and grouping methods can be used to apply styles under complexcontexts. No additional downloads necessary to receive style informationDisadvantagesThis method can not control styles for multiple documents at onceInline StylesAdvantagesUseful for small quantities of style definitions. Can override otherstyle specification methods at the local level so only exceptions needto be listed in conjunction with other style methodsDisadvantagesDoes not distance style information from content (a main goal ofSGML/HTML). Can not control styles for multiple documents at once.Author can not create or control classes of elements to control multipleelement types within the document. Selector grouping methods can not beused to create complex element addressing scenarios
Both of them are open source software (so free of cost), supportcross platform. php is faster then ASP and JSP.
Calculate the md5 hash of a string. The hash is a 32-characterhexadecimal number. I use it to generate keys which I use to identifyusers etc. If I add random no techniques to it the md5 generated nowwill be totally different for the same string I am using.
you can use LOAD DATA INFILE file_name; syntax to load datafrom a text file. but you have to make sure thata) data is delimitedb) columns and data matched correctly