HTML Interviews
HTML Interview
Many times we use index.htm document as it is standard for host-server to look and deploy document. It is the default document which is displayed on the web.
In HTML, HEAD is placed before body and it is used to show general information or unordered collection about HTML document. In HTML, it is the first tag which helps to give title for the page.

In HTML, body specifies all the contents in the document and it contains colors, images, text, graphics, etc. 
is the technique used for older versions of internet explorers.
Yes. Any HTML tag that is supported by the browser works in the box.
In object oriented programming polymorphism is nothing but objects ability to take form objects of different classes.
Component is an object like a scroll bar or button that is visually presented on screen window whereas a container is window-like component which has different components. 
Each component has unique container that contains it directly.
The member function of a class which is used for creating objects of that particular class is known as a constructor. It has the same name of a class without any return type. New operator is used to invoke it.
An ordinary member function of a class is known as a method. It has a return type with its own name. Dot operator is used to invoke it. 

Mixing two or more colors are known as Gradient.
The combination of HTML, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS and Jquery is known as DHTML. 
It is used for creating interactive and dynamic web pages.