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HTML Interview
The abbreviation of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. To solve problem, styles are added to HTML 4.0 and these styles define how the HTML elements are showed. Lot of work is saved by External Style Sheets and is stored in CSS files.

The new standard for HTML, HTML DOM and XHTML is HTML5. 
HTML5 is work in progress and the modern browsers have support to HTML5.
No, it is not case sensitive.
URI - Uniform Resource Identifier 
URL - Uniform Resource Locator 
URN - Uniform Resource Name





Difference Between GET and POST methods 

1) Data is appended to the URL. 
2) Data is not secret. 
3) It is a single call system 
4) Maximum data that can be sent is 256. 
5) Data transmission is faster 
6) This is the default method for many browsers 

1) Data is appended to the URL. 
2) Data is Secret 
3) It is a two call system. 
4) There is no Limit on the amount of data.That is characters any amount of data can be sent. 
5) Data transmission is comparatively slow. 
6) No default and should be Explicitly specified.

alt stands for alternate this means that for some reason if image can't be loaded on the page, the alt value will be displayed. 
In the above code snippet when myimage.jpg is available on the web server, the image will be displayed and mouse ever on the image will show "click to go to my page" but in case myimage.jpg is not available on the server or by some reason it could't be rendered on the page, alt value (this is my photo) will be displayed in place of image. This hints the user that the picture that couldn't be loaded was my photo.

We can use <script> tag to refer the .js file available on the server, we can not only refer only those file that are on our server but we cal also any .js file that is available on other server (on other domain. 
<script src="/include/myjscode.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
It is always suggested to place the script tag inside <head></head>

By placing the link tag inside the <head></head and specify rel value as "shortcut icon", you can display the page icon in the browser. 
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/images/myicon.gif" />
Here, you can either specify .gif, .jpg or .ico file, however many browser only support .ico file not .gif or .jpg file
To refer .css file in the web page, use <link> tag. Generally it is suggested to keep this inside the <head></head> tag. 
<link href="/css/mystyle.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
Notice that the type attribute value should be "text/css" and rel attribute value should be "stylesheet".